Now a word from our Inspire Sponsors!

Traveling with Kenny:
This is Kenny, the young Ecuadorian I am sponsoring through Children International. On my last trip to South America I actually got to meet him for a magically moving day I will never forget. While we were traveling he wrote me a letter which my mom answered, and they have since started their own correspondences. When I met him in Guayaquil I brought him photos and I was touched to see that he kept previous photos I’d sent him in a little album. Now that we have a personal bond and are maintaining a relationship, this time I thought I’d “bring him along” and that way the next photos I send him will be of us together. I hope he can find some joy in “sharing” my journey this way. I hope that having him alongside will remind me to serve others. And I hope that many of you will choose to sponsor a child through Children International, which is a wonderful organization.

Cause an\ UPROAR:
There are only 3,000 tigers, 20,000 lions, and 50,000 leopards left in the wild. A combination of human-wildlife conflict, pesticides, habitat destruction, and the fashion industry continue to threaten big cats the world over. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!! I was recently given this hat and feel responsible to use it to CAUSE AN UPROAR to raise awareness about the most iconic members of the animal kingdom.

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